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Together, Our Potential is Limitless

There has never been a more exciting moment to be a Sun Devil and there have never been greater opportunities for our supporters to make a difference.

By supporting Campaign ASU 2020, you share your own personal vision for the institution and ensure that the values that have made ASU great continue to guide us for generations to come.

What would you give…


…to understand the past to shape the future?

Students explore community newspaper archives to reckon with racism in the past and create a better present.

Read about elevating ASU’s academic enterprise


…to turn your life-altering experience into a life-improving tool?

Bryan Duarte lost his vision, but not his determination to use his experience to help others.

Learn how supporting students supports the world


…to transform a crazy idea into the innovation of the year?

There was no known vaccine for Ebola until Charles Arntzen developed one—from a tobacco plant.

See why “ASU” has become synonymous with “innovation”



…to bring healthcare to the homeless?

Students lead the way for Arizona’s first free healthcare clinic for the poor.

Explore how campus and community go hand-in-hand


…for learning to be available to all?

A scholarship—and the support that came with it—motivates one student to improve his entire hometown.

Watch how access to education lifts us all up


…to live like a champion?

Lucy Lara’s time at ASU taught her to be an expert on the field—and in one.

View student-athletes worth cheering for