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Our Mission

The President’s Club advances the charter of Arizona State University through its support of the ASU president.

What We Do

Traditional resources available within a state university system do not allow it to operate with the flexibility and dexterity today’s competitive economy requires. President Club members provide the ASU president with financial and intellectual resources, enabling the president to look beyond tradition, and to embrace entrepreneurship and innovation. Their philanthropic investments equip ASU to advance its charter.

The President’s Club has always held a special role at the university. The men and women of the President’s Club embrace ASU’s mission and energize the university to excel and surpass what has been accomplished so far.”
Michael M. Crow, President, ASU

Who We Are

President’s Club Members support ASU and President Michael M. Crow in a variety of ways:

Contributing Members
Contributing members give annual gifts of $2,500 or more to the President’s Investment Fund.

  • Annual gifts of $10,000 or more are recognized as Leadership Gifts
  • Members who have given $100,000 or more cumulatively to the President’s Investment Fund are recognized as Lifetime Members

President’s Club Young Leaders
Individuals under 40 years of age can join the President’s Club as a young leader by making an annual gift of $1,200 to the President’s Investment Fund.

The President’s Club recognizes the following individuals who have made generous commitments to other initiatives at ASU:

Leadership Society, Circle, and Founders
Generous members of the ASU Leadership Society, Circle, and Founders who have made gifts of $1 Million or more anywhere at ASU are welcomed into the President’s Club in perpetuity.

President’s Club Ambassadors
Supporters who have given a gift of $100,000 or more to ASU are invited to experience President’s Club membership as an Ambassador for one year, after which the option to become a contributing member is extended.

Take the next step

President’s Club staff members are here for you. While President’s Club gifts are designated to the President’s Investment Fund, members are encouraged to pursue additional philanthropic interests at ASU. Let us know what you are passionate about, and we will put you in a position to make an impact and create meaningful change.

Cindy Mero
Senior Director of Development


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Why It Matters

Investment in the President’s Club:

ASU President's Club impact initiatives

Provides seed money for ground-breaking initiatives

Many key initiatives at ASU have benefited from President's Club support including the Biodesign Institute, School of Sustainability, ASU Prep, Center for the Advanced Study in Economic Efficiency; ASU's Security and Defense Systems Initiative; the Center for Social Cohesion; the Origins Symposium; and the Office of the University Economist.

ASU President's Club impact alliances

Builds strategic alliances and partnerships

ASU is designed to work with public and private partners to find and create the knowledge and understanding that will shape our future and inspire meaningful change. President’s Club resources have supported ASU by building relationships with Adidas, Tec de Monterrey, United Way, Mayo Clinic, North American Foundation, Kearny Alliance, and Construction in Indian Country.

ASU President's Club impact innovation

Fosters creativity, discovery, and innovation

Through investments and participation, members of the President's Club impact not only the lives of future generations of students, but also Arizona's and our nation's global competitiveness. Annual gifts to the President's Investment Fund provide the opportunity to act on emerging initiatives and the flexibility to address urgent needs.

ASU President's Club impact students

Enriches the student experience and promotes student success

Since 1991, the President’s Club has provided scholarships to more than fifty ASU students. Funded by an endowment separate from the ASU President’s Investment Fund, President’s Club Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academic success, community service and university involvement, and achievement of goals.