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ASU President's Club Members


Sharon and Oliver Harper
Amy and Derrick Hall

Honorary Co-chairs

Jacquie and Bennett Dorrance


Karen and Bob Hobbs Sr.
Barbara and Nap Lawrence
Bob Bulla

Young Leaders Co-Chairs:

Tiffany House and Darin Shebesta
Kim and Sam Richard

Innovation Investors ($250,000+)

Annette and Leo Beus
Leslie and Don Budinger
Jane and Geoff Edmunds
Charlene and Orin Edson
†Mary Lou and Ira Fulton
Jeanne and †Gary Herberger
Miriam and Merle Hinrichs
Ellen and Stewart Horejsi
David Larcher
Neiani and †Dick Lefler
Sharon Dupont McCord
Dionne and Francis Najafi
Kelly and Brian Swette
Nihal and Hal Tashman
Diane and Gary Tooker
Connie and Craig Weatherup
Patty and Keith Withycombe 

Innovation Investors ($100,000+)

Jo-Ann and Jim Armstrong
Nichole and Denny Barney
Ann and Jim Barrett Barbara and Craig Barrett
Megan and Ryan Beus
Shane Beus
Shelby and Steve Butterfield
Nicole and †Wil Cardon
Cheryl and †Bob Carr
Deborah Carstens
Jere Clark
†Katy Clark  
Alice and Duke Cowley
Ardie and Steve Evans
Kathleen and †Al Gardner
Sharon and Oliver Harper 
Karen and Bob Hobbs, Sr.
Randy and Ken Kendrick
Jo Krueger
Gail and John Krueger
Alison Lewis and Craig Krumwiede
Shelley and Rick Kuhle
Mary and Frank Labriola
Lori Larcher
Yolanda and Ron Loder
Susie Marston
Ruth and Rex Maughan
Connie and Mike Metzger
Belle and Olen Petznick
Pat and Earl Petznick, Sr.
Mary Kay and Bill Post
†Judy and †Bill Schaefer
Joanne and †Peter Schust
Lynne and Volker Sonntag
Don Tapia
Donna and Gary Torhjelm
Cindy and Mike Watts
Heather and Jeff Wincel
Julie Wrigley
Marilyn Wurzburger
Mary and Carlos Zilveti

Leadership Members $25,000+

Nancy and Charles Brickman
Jacquie and Bennett Dorrance
Diane and Bruce Halle
K. Michael Ingram
T. Denny Sanford
Sundt—Michael Hoover
Cathy and Myron Ullman
Terry and Bill Wilhoit

Leadership Members $10,000-$24,999

Susan Anable
Amy and Patrick Armstrong Maryglenn and Richard Boals
Rebecca and Michael Berch
Ginger and Don Brandt
Vicki and Howard Cabot
Monnie and Martin Calfee
Joseph Clees
Tony Corey
Bill Cox
Denise and Bob Delgado
Tracy Farrell-Smith
Barbara Flanagan
Derrick and Amy Hall
Michelle and Rick Hamada
Chris Harrison
Lucia and Wayne Howard
Mary Jo Johnson
Christine and Gary Jones
Ann and Brian Jordan
Margot and Dennis Knight
Sally and Rich Lehmann
Jan and Tom Lewis
Jim Lodge
Jeff Lowe
Barbara and Rich Malone
Joyce and Bill Seiferth

Corporate Partners

Don Brandt

Aramark Educational Services
Brandi Heatherly

Avnet, Inc.
Rick Hamada

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
Richard Boals

Columbia CareMichael Abbott

Copper State Bolt & Nut Company
Martin Calfee

Core Construction

Bill Cox

Cox Communications
Susan Anable

Hensley Beverage Company
Bob Delgado

Isagenix International
Cheryl Lewis

Mary Jo Johnson

MidFirst Bank
Jeff Lowe

Molina Fine Jewelers
Al Molina

NRG Energy
Jim Lodge

Starbucks Coffee Company
Tracy Farrell-Smith

The Weitz Company
Chris Harrison

$5,000 Members

Kate and John Altman
Sandy and Craig Ankeney
Brian Bair
Teddie and Bob Baldwin
Patricia and Richard Barr
Nadine and †Eddie Basha
Barbara and John Bebbling
Deanna and Kemp Biddulph
Regina and Peter Bidstrup
Toni and Roy Bliss
Jo and Bill Brandt
Robert Bulla
Christy and Daryl Burton
Nancy and Tom Cain
Laurie and Tom Carmody
Herman Chanen
Steven Chanen
Amy and Andrew Cohn
Heidi and Jerry Coleman
Elva and Lattie Coor
Sybil Francis and Michael M. Crow
Mary Budinger and John Dick
Robin and Rick Dircks
Maureen and Wayne Doran
†Shelley Duane
Florence and Paul Eckstein
Judith and John Ellerman
Diana and Mark Feldman
Karen and Grady Gammage, Jr.
Lisa and Jeffery Geyser
Rose Ann and Ed Gordon
Kim and Stephen Hochschuler
Ruth Ann and Tom Hornaday
Laurel and Lee Hutchison
Missy and Harvey Jabara
Roz and Dean Jacobson
Sabrina and Robert D. Johnson
Lisa Johnson and Eddie Jones
Jane and Mal Jozoff
Sue and †Robert Karatz
Ellen and Howard Katz
Louisa and Birt Kellam
Cinde and Greg Kettle
Holly and Dale Kurtz
Carol and Edward Lake
Tina and Spike Lawrence
Pit and John Lucking
Angela and John Misner
Bill Nassikas
Rebecca Bowman Nassikas
Cindy and Joe Patrick, Jr.
Dee Patrick
Art Pearce
Rebecca and Doug Pruitt
Carol Richardson
John Richardson
Nancy and Dave Roberts
John Roberts, Jr. 
Laura and Herb Roskind
Robin and Tim Ruecker
Dee Dee and Ed Sandidge
Judith and Tony Sarsam
Christina and Mitchel Sayare
Marge and Frank Schnierow
Jeanine and Chris Slatt
Dinky and Dick Snell
Cheryl and Ed Sucato
Patricia and John Sullivan
Laura and Jesse Turley
Sally and Gregg Tryhus
Greg Vogel Julie Vogel
Daryl and Chip Weil, III
David Wetta
Lorana and †Mickey Whiting
Betty and Don Wilson

$2,500 Members

Martha and Ryan Abbott
Buffie and Ray Anderson
Amy and John Anton
Jumana and Maen Areikat
John S. Armstrong, III
J. Samuel Armstrong, IV
Sydney and Roc Arnett
Kari Jo and Michael Ash
Doris and Larry Ashkin
Milena and Tony Astorga
Theresa and Brian Aungst
Ceda Austerman Tamara and Brent Barringer
LeAnn and Edward Basha
Ana and Rudy Bellavia
Tammy and Michael Bender
Staci and Joe Bolley
Janice and Bob Boscamp
Gail Bradley
Kelly and Leroy Breinholt
Anita and Arnold Brenner
Gretchen and Garrett Buhlig
Tracy Bullock
Betsy Cantwell and David Hallikainen
Ann and Richard Carr
Angela Yin Cesal
Heidi and Jerry Coleman
Kitty Collins
Angela and Jeff Creedon
Shelley and Robert Cunningham
Lisa and Michael Davis
Erika and Russell Dickey
Marnie and Harvey Dietrich
Anne and Dan Donahoe
Babs and Tom Donaldson
Mary and Scott Donaldson
Jennifer Dunworth
Jon Drnjevic
Lisa Mitchell and Dan Erickson
Carolyn and Venkata Evani
Mark B. Fast
Greg Fullmer
Marta Hulley Friedman and Josh Friedman
Tracy and Brian Friedman
Neil Giuliano
Sasha and Rodney Glassman
Julia and Marc Grayson
Deeann Griebel
Trish and †Scott Gulbranson
Anita and Jerome Gutkin
Becky and Ryan Hamilton
Fran and Ken Harder
Deborah Helitzer
Robin and Terry Hengl
Maria Hesse
Trish Murphy and John Hetrick
Lisa and Matthew Hickie
Jennifer Hightower
Roxanna Armstrong Himelrick and Richard Himelrick
Kimberly and Dale Hopely, Jr.
Lynda and Arthur Horlick
Kristin and Collin Irwin
Helene and Michael Jalbert
Tracey and Jeff Jones
Beth and I. Michael Kasser
Karin and Brian Kearney
Jeanette and Bernard Kirk
Christine and Richard Kovach
Melissa and Ted Lagreid
Linda and William Langer
Victoria Lawrence Kieffer
Julie and Bill Lavidge
Jacqueline and Wayne Lepire
Sharron and Delbert Lewis
Noralane and Keith Lindor
Gema and Paul Luna
Janis and Dennis Lyon
Caye and Ron Mabry
Doreen and Michael Manning
Judith Smith and Jeff Marshall
Leonard Maximon
David McCaleb
Linda and Mike Messenger
Mary and Roy Miller
Monique and J.P. Millon
Shannon and Keith Mishkin
Judy and Bijan Mohraz
Lyric and Gary Naquin
Amy and Todd Nelson
David Neuer
Kathy and Jim O’Brien
Beth Saiki-Olsen and Morgan Olsen
Rose and Harry Papp
Kristi and Ryan Petrosky
Phil Regier
Patricia and Wellington Reiter
Marlene Ross
Lori and Dennis Rusk
Frances and Dave Ryan
Nancy and Matt Salmon
Jill and Alan Sandler
Dewey Schade
Bo Sederstrom
Stanton Shafer
Mary and Rick Shangraw
Sam Shoen
Stuart Shoen
Leasa Chaon-Silver and Steve Silver
Josh Simon
Darla and Marcus Sipolt
Jim Sliwicki
Debbie and Bruce Sobel
Janie and Michael Strasser
Pamela and Markos Tambakeras
Vicki and Tom Taradash
Ryan Taylor
Michelle and Adam Tuton
Shelly and Trace Udall
Dawn and Brian Wagner
Jon C. Walker
Shirley Weis
Nancy and Edward White
Danny White
Judy and Ken Williams
Reggie Winssinger
Kathleen Duffy Ybarra and Frank Ybarra

Young Leaders

Lauren and Andy Anderson
Margo and Derrick Allen
Peta Kelly-Coover and Erik Coover
Meghan Cox
Michael DiGirolamo
Jenna and Brandon Goad
Chris Hering
Alexandria and Marcus Johnson
Brittney and Scott Kaufmann
Lexi and Dan Killoren
Lisa and Jonathan Maher
Jeremy Meek
Megan and Ross Meyer
Brandee Popaden-Smith and Tim Smith
Kim and Sam Richard
Tiffany House and Darin Shebesta
Jenny Holsman Tetreault and Colin Tetreault
Jon Nauert
Renee Neir and Jacob Reuben
Kimberly and Andrew Stone

Leadership Society, Circle, and Founders

Gayle and Mike Ahearn
Jerry Bisgrove
Jacqueline and Joe  Bowers
Devon and Howard G. Buffett
Joan Jerry Colangelo
Chris Cole
Elona Cooley
Edwin Delph
Cathy Dickey
Mary and Jeff Ehret
Ed Eisele
Kathleen Eisenbeis and Michael Helfert
Anita Farnsworth
Donna and Morton Fleisher
Debra and Jack Furst
Jean Grossman
Patrick Hanratty
Billie Jo and Judd Herberger
Jerry Hirsch
Elizabeth and Tom Jones
Kay and Alec Keith
Veronica Kelley
Julia and David Koch
Ginny and Monte Lawrence
David Lincoln
Rae and Dick Love
Sue and Arthur Martori
Cindy and John McCain
Renea and Ronald McGee
Greg and Emma Melikian
June Morrison
John Mumford
Jerry Nelson
Jenny and Bob Morton
Lois and Charles O’Brien
Doris Patten
Paul V Galvin Trust
Robert Ramsey
Patti and Chuck Robel
Ed Robson
Cynthia and Ron Rodgers
Buzz Sands
Sheila Schwartz
Ruthann Simmons
Ronda and Richard Walpole
Melani and Rob Walton
Betty and John Whiteman


Milestone Members

Please join us in thanks and congratulations to these individuals who celebrate President’s Club membership milestones in our 32nd season. Their service, philanthropic commitment and friendship are helping shape ASU’s ambitious vision.

30 Years
Robin and Tim Ruecker
Cheryl and Ed Sucato

25 Years
Al Molina
Patricia and John Sullivan

20 Years
Robin and Rick Dircks
Mary and Scott Donaldson
Jo Krueger
Gail and John Krueger

15 Years
Laurel and Lee Hutchison
Terry and Bill Wilhoit

10 Years
Nancy and Chuck Brickman
Jere Clark
Katy Clark
Anne and Dan Donahoe
Sabrina and Bob Johnson
Helen and Ed Korrick
Becky and Doug Pruitt
Cindy and Mike Watts

5 Years
John S. Armstrong, III
Sam Armstrong
Bill Bayless
Annette and Leo Beus
Janice and Bob Boscamp
Jo and Bill Brandt
Nancy and Tom Cain
Dawn and Chris Celtruda
Jenna and Brandon Goad
Anita and Jerome Gutkin
Robin and Terry Hengl
Kristin and Collin Irwin
Janis and Dennis Lyon
Susie Marston
Yolanda and Kevin McAuliffe
Monique and J.P. Millon
Beth Anne and Morgan Olsen
Rose and Harry Papp
Belle and Olen Petznick
Pat and Earl Petznick, Sr.
Patti and Duke Reiter
Marge and Frank Schnierow
Mary Ann and Bill Sheely
Kelly and Brian Swette
Michelle and Adam Tuton
Judy and Ken Williams
Leila Armstrong and Reggie Winssinger

*Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you were inadvertently left off, please notify Taylor Buxbaum at 480.727.6892.