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Impact Magazine Issue 6

Spring-Summer 2018

ASU Impact magazine tiny homes for veterans

ASU students help build sustainable houses for veterans.

ASU Impact magazine asu building bridges through music festival

Composers donate original composition for budding musicians.

ASU Impact magazine retail therapy shopping
Professor Naomi Mandel explains why we seek solace in shopping.
ASU Impact magazine cyber security

Donor contributes resources, expertise to training cyberwarriors.

ASU Impact magazine study abroad Dublin Hadley Griffin

Scholarship helps first-generation students experience global learning.

ASU Impact magazine heart attack study

Micro-engineered chip could lead to new and better therapies.

asu impact magazine lough tay ireland hadley griffin

First hand

ASU junior Hadley Griffin overlooks Lough Tay in Ireland, where she studied in 2017. This photo earned Griffin first place for Sun Devil Spirit in ASU’s annual Devils Go Global Photo Contest. ASU, which has more than 250 programs in 65 countries, was recognized for its efforts to enable first-generation students to study abroad.
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asu impact magazine ariana ruof

Ariana Ruof
What drives college students to drink to excess? Ariana Ruof ’17 helps us understand those impulses as lab manager at the Social Addictions Impulse Lab in Tempe. She has been equipping people to overcome their personal struggles since she was an undergraduate at ASU, where she helped to found Mental Health Awareness Week. The Zita M. Johnson Child Study scholarship, among others, allowed Ruof to have an “incredibly enriched undergraduate experience.” Graduating debtfree will enable her to pursue a doctoral degree at ASU.

asu impact magazine elizabeth tellman

Elizabeth Tellman
Hoping to reduce landslides and flooding in poor rural communities, Elizabeth Tellman, a doctoral candidate with ASU’s School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, designed flood detection systems that will foster better flood mitigation and adaptation strategies in developing countries. Her efforts in this field earned Tellman second place among several dozen candidates from 18 countries for the Allianz Climate Risk Research Award. Tellman, the recipient of the Echoing Green and Gilbert F. White graduate fellowships, among others, founded Cloud to Street, a company striving to reduce flood vulnerability around the world.

asu impact magazine evvan morton

Evvan Morton
As a graduate student, Evvan Morton works to stop the progression of climate change due to the release of carbon dioxide. But that’s not the only challenge she’s taken on at ASU. As a woman of color in the male-dominated field of engineering, she also works to overcome stereotypes. “It has become an increasing passion of mine to show girls that the STEM field is possible,” says Morton, the 2018 recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Servant-Leadership Award and president of the Black Graduate Students Association. Scholarships are enabling her to pursue those passions debt-free.

asu impact magazine hoolest performance technologies

HOOLEST GUYS ON THE BLOCK Team invents relaxing earbuds
Imagine what you could accomplish without stage fright or performance anxiety. Nicholas Hool, Sami Mian and John Patterson, students in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, are creating earbuds that help people control their nerves by emitting electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve, which activates the body’s relaxation response. Their company, Hoolest Performance Technologies, earned the $100,000 grand prize donated by Avnet, an electronics company, at the ASU Innovation Open venture-funding competition. See how ASU creates a fertile environment for entrepreneurs.