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Impact Magazine Issue 7

Fall - Winter 2018

albert rios, impact magazine
Poet Alberto Rios wants us to know there’s something going on out there. Then he wants us to write about it.

Scientist Nancy Grimm wonders what’s percolating in our urban aquafers.

An ASU student ensures girls and boys attend school in Zimbabwe.

Why we find puppies so hard to resist.
asu impact magazine papay solomon guinea west africa

Eyes on Africa

Papay Solomon lived in a refugee camp in Guinea, West Africa. When he was 5, he began doodling in notebooks handed out by the United Nations. After Solomon arrived in Arizona, the Myers Family Scholarship enabled him to attend ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, where he honed his fine arts skills. His stunning oil-on-canvas paintings depict young people of the African diaspora. In 2018, HIDA honored him as its outstanding graduate.

Students and residents help each other at the Westward Ho.

Donors elevate the game-day experience

Sparking memory and learning in older adults

Find out when you Ask A Biologist at ASU

“Seeking Asylum” documents ASU students as they learn about the refugee experience

Katzin Concert Hall is one of the most...


asu impact magazine phyllis and frank

Phyllis and Frank Saylor
As a student teacher, Vanesa Torres committed herself to working in schools with a high percentage of low-income children. The 2018 graduate of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College now works at a high-needs school in Phoenix. Her journey was made possible by a scholarship from Phyllis and Frank Saylor, who met in 1952 as education majors and fell in love carpooling to Mesa to student teach. “We have such deep admiration for teachers,” Phyllis says, “and we wanted our gift to support people who are student teaching because that’s how we met!”

asu impact magazine cathy and peter

Cathy and Peter Swan
What will life be like in space? ASU’s Interplanetary Initiative invites everyone researchers, industry professionals and community members  to engage in answering that question. Cathy and Peter Swan, ASU supporters who retired from long careers in the aerospace industry, joined the initiative in 2017 and are providing expertise and financial support for promising student-led space research. Three of those projects were selected for the “New Shepard” space vehicle built by Blue Origin, a private aerospace company founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The Swans’ support will enable students to attend the Texas launch in early 2019 and access the rocket on the pad. This will allow the team to use a biological payload bees they otherwise would not have been able to use.

asu impact magazine douglas montgomery

Douglas Montgomery
Many graduate students mentored by Douglas Montgomery, a highly decorated professor of industrial engineering in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, hold influential positions in national labs or leading universities. Montgomery is building on that legacy with a $2 million gift that will help graduate students develop their research interests.

asu impact magazine the-beaudoin-family

The Beaudoin Family
Nikki Beaudoin made sure to thank the nurses who tended to her following surgery to remove a cancerous spinal tumor. Then she asked them to bring her the tumor so she could examine it. That blend of compassion and curiosity defined Nikki, her family says. A sophomore in Barrett, The Honors College, Nikki had been accepted to ASU’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation when she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer.  Tragically, Nikki passed away in June 2017 at the age of 20. Her family is honoring her memory through the Nicole Brittany Beaudoin Nursing Scholarship, whose first recipient, Peyton Hickman, began her second semester in the nursing program this fall.