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Connecting to the World


By Melissa Bordow

Historian Pamela Stewart, senior lecturer in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts (CISA), incorporates downtown Phoenix’s historical and cultural venues into her curricula to enrich her students’ learning experience.

A recipient of ASU’s Centennial Professorship award for excellence in classroom teaching, Stewart is able to incorporate sites like Phoenix Art Museum because such donors as Discount Tire and PetSmart sponsor times when the public, including ASU students, get in for free.

She tells Impact why these experiences are important.

Cultural education matters. Students who experience the symphony or an art museum gain knowledge and social and cultural skills that often enhance their participation in the workforce. “Education is broader than what course I took that will help me do a particular job.”

Thinking skills sharpen. Students are taught to closely observe artwork, pose and answer questions, and draw on historical knowledge to assess it. “They get to think, to write, and to articulate more clearly.”

It fuels her passion for teaching. "The effort you put in and your earnest devotion to teaching them things that matter and how they connect to the world at large...that sticks.”

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