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This video pulls no punches

Above: Dave Hunt, right, formerly a director of communications and marketing at ASU, receives assistance from young subjects featured in “Seeking Asylum,” a documentary of the refugee experience.

A mother of three fleeing Syria’s brutal, seven-year civil war is shot in the shoulder, then watches as her daughter is shot in the hand. The family makes it to Greece, but she is un-able to find a job or provide for her children.

She is able to find solace in the Athens Hope Café Refugee Soul Food, where volunteers give her food and clothing.

his story is told in “Seeking Asylum,” a documentary produced by Dave Hunt, former director of communications and marketing in ASU’s New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. Hunt documented ASU students who travel to Greece and other un-official gateways to Europe to serve people leeing war, violence and ethnic persecution.

New College takes students into the midst of humanitarian refugee crises every spring as part of a two-week study abroad trip led by Julie Murphy Erfani, director of ASU’s master’s program in social justice and human rights.

The trip, funded in part by private support, allows students to volunteer in centers for asylum seekers by serving food, providing clothing, teaching English and connecting refugees to legal aid.

“It’s important that American students gain a broad world view of the promises and challenges of western countries welcoming asylum seekers fleeing danger and extreme adversity anywhere in the world,” says Murphy Erfani.

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