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Witnessing Our Donors' Light

ASU Impact Magazine Gretchen Buhlig St Vincent de Paul

Above: Gretchen Buhlig leads a coversation at St. Vincent de Paul where ASU Foundation staff volunteered this month

asu impact gretchen buhligThis summer, ASU President’s Professor Bryan Brayboy, philanthropists, and I traveled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota to serve residents and welcome two recent high school graduates who were given allexpenses scholarships by the True Sioux Hope Foundation to attend ASU.

The trip was eye opening: Pine Ridge is the poorest place in America, with 90 percent unemployment. If it were a country, it would have lower life expectancy than any nation monitored by the World Health Organization.

Yet, the new students we met are full of life, energy, and hope. Their freshman year is under way, and you can read about them in the True Hope story.

Witnessing our donors’ light in what can be a dark place is a reminder of why we are here: to better lives.

If we can connect potential donors—you—with the people and places where you want to make meaningful change so that the human experience is bettered, we will have succeeded.

You will find another great example of this in this story, which features ASU’s humanitarian efforts at St. Vincent de Paul of Arizona, where our staff volunteered this month.

It is my honor to lead this community of bighearted individuals as the ASU Foundation’s new chief executive officer and in conjunction with our parent organization, ASU Enterprise Partners, which continues to be led by former Foundation CEO Rick Shangraw.

In this role, and in the context of those your generosity supports, I will be asking our team and myself: How can we better lives?

As Campaign ASU 2020 approaches the first anniversary of its public launch, we look forward to working with you to do the same.

gretchen buhlig signature
Gretchen Buhlig

Chief Executive Officer, ASU Foundation

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