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Campaign ASU 2020 Priorities

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ENSURE Student Access and Excellence

Through Campaign ASU 2020, you can provide the need-based and merit-based aid that is critical to enrolling students with a wide range of talents, backgrounds, life experiences, and abilities. Federal funding for the neediest undergraduate students has not kept up with the increasing price of college, placing a disproportionate burden of debt on those with the fewest resources.

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CHAMPION Student Success

Your support through Campaign ASU 2020 will help us strengthen programs that enrich the student experience, expand future offerings, and ensure that all students—not just the wealthiest—can take advantage of them. These programs often involve added costs, such as living expenses, program fees, and travel. Your generosity will remove cost as a barrier for students who believe they cannot afford to study abroad, for example, or to give up employment to make time for research or an internship.

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ELEVATE The Academic Enterprise

Your support for faculty through Campaign ASU 2020 will ensure that we can bring the most talented professors here and empower them to pursue their ideas for teaching and research without any limitations. This is the best way to advance excellence at ASU.

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FUEL Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation

Pursuing research at the highest possible level is costly—but essential. Your support for research through Campaign ASU 2020 will ensure that faculty and students in every college and school can access the latest resources and technology, attend conferences, travel, share their work, and translate their findings into new knowledge.

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ENRICH Our Communities

We rely on gifts of all sizes to make community programs a reality. Through Campaign ASU 2020, you can support a range of efforts that are advancing society in ways you care about—or you can help ASU launch a new idea or initiative. As a New American University, ASU demonstrates what is possible when a public research university commits to serving the public good.

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DRIVE Sun Devil Competitiveness

ASU is poised to establish Sun Devil Athletics as one of the most competitive programs in the Pac-12 Conference and nationally. You can help us take our already strong program to an even-higher level: your financial support and generosity will furnish the best facilities and resources our student-athletes need to achieve on the field and in the classroom.

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