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ELEVATE The Academic Enterprise

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Together, we will ensure that ASU can attract and keep the most ambitious and talented faculty members.

6 Pulitzer Prize winners
4 Nobel Laureates
Increase in minority tenured and tenure-track faculty since 2002
Memberships in national academies such as the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Private support will:

  • Fund endowed chairs and professorships, thereby attracting and retaining the best of the best
  • Provide early-stage career support
  • Create professional partnership opportunities
  • Create artist-in-residencies and visiting faculty programs
  • Provide faculty fellowships
  • Create directorships for ASU centers that contribute to public policy and inform public opinion

Areas in need of support:

  • Endowed chairs and professorships
  • Annual professorships
  • Early-stage career support
  • Faculty fellowships
  • Faculty academic awards
  • Summer research
  • Visiting faculty programs
  • Travel to academic conferences
  • Professor-of-practice positions
  • Professional partnership opportunities
  • Artists in residence
  • Directorship opportunities for ASU centers
  • And more …

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Inspire Faculty

ASU faculty members are the teachers, mentors, and role models who inspire our students to pursue new paths and new dreams. They shape the curriculum, drive research, and bring recognition and funding to the university. They are the foundation of our “academic enterprise.”

Faculty members are drawn to ASU and remain here because they believe in our version of the public research university—one that values inclusiveness, research with public impact, and a commitment to advancing the community. ASU professors and staff know they are expected to think differently about higher education and challenge the way things have traditionally been done. They are dedicated to involving undergraduate and graduate students in high-level research and fostering their abilities as problem-solvers.

Elevate the Academic Enterprise, Featuring Matthew Delmont


The chance to maximize the impact of engineering education was what drew me to ASU from the National Science Foundation. I knew this was a place that valued innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. The more progressive we are, the better we will prepare students to make an impact as engineers."

Ann McKenna, PhD, professor and director of the Polytechnic School

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