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ENSURE Student Access and Excellence

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Together, we can ensure that every qualified student can come to ASU—and thrive.

producer of Fulbright Scholars (among research institutions) for 2015-16
percentage of Arizona's public university students who received some form of financial aid in 2015
Arizona's rank in terms of per-capita state funding for higher education

Private support will:

  • Make ASU accessible to a greater proportion of students from all socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Ensure the students who come to ASU graduate
  • Continue creating a student body that is diverse and academically distinguished
  • Ensure graduates are not saddled with burdensome debt

Areas in need of support:

  • First-generation scholarships
  • Need-based undergraduate scholarships
  • Merit-based undergraduate scholarships
  • Community college transfer scholarships
  • Graduate-student fellowships and awards
  • Postdoctoral fellowship support
  • Postdoctoral public-interest fellowships
  • Summer bridge programs
  • Nontraditional student support
  • Strategic engagement and recruitment opportunities
  • Retention programs for underrepresented students

Give to students now

Opportunity for Us All

Students with the ability and ambition to attend ASU will have the opportunity through scholarships and fellowship support, providing the resources they need to achieve their potential in an academic environment that promotes excellence.

As a New American University, ASU has made an extraordinary commitment to ensuring that all young people of potential have access to an outstanding university education that prepares them to lead and contribute to society. At the same time, we are attracting more high-achieving students from throughout Arizona, the nation, and the world.

Ensure Student Access and Excellence, Featuring Tyrail Smith



Besides the financial support that has allowed me to focus on my studies, the Doran Community Scholars Program has given me a community of students to grow and learn from, as well as administrative support with other needs and assistance in finding other programs I can take advantage of."

Michael Pineda of Phoenix, a biomedical engineering major who is also a New American University Scholar

How your gift makes a difference


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Courtney Denton

Inspiring change through global politics


Surrounded by support, scholarship students are able to succeed