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FUEL Discovery, Creativity & Innovation

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Together, we will advance the ASU research, programs, and initiatives that are producing the solutions our world urgently needs.

ASU’s rank in research expenditures among 716 universities without medical schools—ahead of such schools as Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, and Princeton.
Companies created based on ASU research discoveries since 2003

Private support will:

  • Create interdisciplinary centers and state-of-the-art labs
  • Enable faculty to conduct field research and share research
  • Provide faculty with the most advanced equipment
  • Bring ideas to market and create economic development initiatives
  • Bring technological innovation into the classroom and into the community
  • Create “maker” spaces and entrepreneurship incubators
  • Create live-work spaces, residency programs, and art galleries
  • Advance research through special research sites, collaboration hubs, and active learning environments

Areas in need of support:

  • Interdisciplinary centers
  • Field research
  • Research cluster funding
  • Opportunities to share research
  • State-of-the-art laboratories
  • Advanced equipment
  • Economic development initiatives
  • Specially constructed research sites
  • Collaboration “hubs” for students and faculty
  • Technological innovations in the classroom
  • Next-generation science facilities
  • Entrepreneurship incubators
  • Applied projects
  • Live-work spaces and residency programs
  • Art galleries
  • Global initiatives
  • Partnerships with public policy makers
  • And more …

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Solve Problems

What difference can we make in people's lives? This central question drives the ASU faculty and students involved in research across our four locations, the nation, and the world. From improving how math is taught, capturing emissions from power plants, and promoting healthy behaviors that really work, to illuminating the history of race relations, bringing clean water to developing nations, and building a spaceflight instrument for NASA, there is almost no limit to the scope of ASU’s research. And our scope is still expanding.

In 2002, ASU set out to scale up our research enterprise to heights never attempted here before, equipping our faculty and students to find solutions to a range of challenges facing society. We have achieved historic momentum, but more remains to be done. By supporting research through Campaign ASU 2020, you can become part of the ASU teams that are creating a better world for all of us.

Fuel Discovery, Creativity & Innovation, Featuring Charles Arntzen


"We deal with real people and real problems, and we find solutions by testing them. If you want to bring about real change, that requires science. Our college brings the best available science to the helping professions, but science can be expensive."

Flavio Marsiglia, PhD, ASU Regents' Professor and Distinguished Foundation Professor of Cultural Diversity and Health, ASU School of Social Work

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