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Romonte Moore

Freshman, Informatics, School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering

I chose to study informatics because it combines two aspects of my personality that I want to enhance. The first is having a very analytical awareness of my surroundings and how people interact with technology and each other. Informatics will provide me with the knowledge to utilize my skills in order to help websites find better ways to attract more viewers and make their services user friendly. The other trait this degree will help me enhance is my entrepreneur mindset and how my first business will most likely be on the internet. The course work will consist of coding, which will help me create a website on my own, but also allow me to strive for a certificate in entrepreneurship. Combining these two traits will ultimately help me start my own business and this major will be a stepping-stone for my future.

I am the recipient of the Next Generation Service Corps, a new ASU scholarship created for training the future cross sector leaders of tomorrow. I can say scholarships are the only reason why I am attending Arizona State University. My scholarships have given me the opportunity not only to attend college, but also live on campus virtually debt free. The Sun Devil Family Association and various other scholarships combined have helped me create a better future for me and my parents.

The most interesting class that I am currently apart of is my Introduction to informatics class. My professor is very engaging and explains the material extremely well to the point that I can remember a whole lecture without reviewing my notes. As a requirement for his class we must participate in one of his studies that he conducts for ASU and its sponsors. Recently, I participated in a study where I had to analyze eye movement and emotions based off the data collected from the machines that he had in his lab. I had never seen anything like them, for example we had a brain wave scanner that could detect emotions like happiness and sadness. It's very interesting being a part of that class and I hope to utilize more of ASU equipment to expand my knowledge on the different ways of collecting data.


When I have to do some late night studying, the Memorial Union is always a great place to go during Arizona winters because there is a cool breeze and great scenery to put my mind at ease.

Romonte Moore ASU Memorial Union

This is a picture of me in my business attire right after I got done presenting my project for my Future Engineers class. We presented a water filtration system that could possibly be used for the people of Haiti.



Staying on campus gives students the opportunity to see Tempe Town Lake and all its beauty every day. Living in the dorms can be expensive, but scholarships have helped cut down the cost to virtually nothing.

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.”

—Matt Cameron

It was a great time at the Ethiopian Culture Night! ASU has so much to offer and clubs like these always host fun events on campus. Living on campus allows me stay connected and hear about fun events like this.

I have always been looking to join clubs on ASU's Tempe campus. My old roommate started a chapter for the non-profit organization called GenFKD and I was selected to be the VP of Education. It has been very exciting getting in touch with different entities around ASU to tell them about the organization. This has helped me expand my networking skills and know more about the organization on and around campus.

Romonte Moore, roommate GenFKD Club

The experiences that I was able to take part in for my first year were truly amazing. Living on campus, is truly the best thing a freshman can do to really get a true college experience."

—Romonte Moore

Being an engineer, I get the chance to see cool places like the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station—one of the largest power plants in the US. The Future Engineers scholarship program really tries to immerse engineering students into jobs that undergrads might want to seek when they graduate. Also, the generating room was extremely hot—almost as hot as Arizona’s summer.

Romonte Moore Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

The Next Generation Service Corps, part of the Public Service Academy, is one of the scholarship organizations that helps me learn about the various activities going on around campus. At one of their events, I got to meet and speak with an amazing group of people from overseas. I’m glad I could go, and the food was great!

Romonte Moore Next Generation Service Corps


This a picture from the photoshoot my friend Richard and I had around ASU. I used an app to edit the original picture in order to make it look like a painting. This is one of my favorite pictures because it is one of my first photo edits ever, and it came out great.

Here I am with all of my friends who I have met during my semester in the Future Engineers class. The buckets and various other miscellaneous items were part of the projects that each of our teams created for the presentation.


Romonte Moore and friend

I am working on a project with two of my friends for my Introduction to Informatics class. We need to come up with an idea and pitch it to the whole class like we were trying to get funding for the idea. As person with an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a great opportunity for me to learn how to pitch ideas to businesses and maybe pitch an idea to ASU grant funding committee. This will be a stepping stone for path to creating my own business.

Romonte Moore with Sparky

I finally took a picture with Sparky! First-year success coaches are really one of the most beneficial services on campus. They help students stay focused and host great events like Coachella. I got the chance to experience one of their events with my friend Francesca and say hi to Sparky. I would say it was a great day!

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

—Albert Einstein

Living in Rosewood 6 was one of the best experiences of my life. Being able to meet all of the unique people who lived there and watching all of the crazy antics of the engineers who tried to unwind from the rigorous course work.

My dormmate got the chance to speak at ASU Ignite, ASU’s version of TED Talk. His story of never giving up inspired me to keep on pushing through school. I would have never been able to meet him if it weren’t for the scholarships and grants ASU had to offer.


Video of my friend bowling in Sparky's Den for our scholarship get-together.